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Hey jammers... So lately I have been thinking to um start clean you know...Start Fresh! I am not going to delete this blog or quit blogging I am simply just creating a new one. I will not post on here you can see. I just need to start fresh and clear out my mind ok? Thanks for understanding, random person who has been typing stuff. Bye..?

My new blog:

I am to lazy to put a link here cause' I got to get typing.

Type: The Animal Jam Flurry

For one time.. bye.


Recent posts

Some NEW Codes!

Hey Jammers! Today you can catch up on your summer reading-or take a nap! Using these codes to get a sofa, chair and a lamp. But not any kind. The reader's kind! So hop on over to your code box!

       AJ4ever - Reader's Chair
       getready2jam - Reader's sofa
       paws4friends - Reader's Lamp
       jamaafun2day - 750 gems
        time2jam       - 750 gems

Or you could watch this video.

-princessdan (Jammer Freedom Wolf)

Back from Spring Break (or kinda a bit longer..)

Hello peeps! I am back from quite the break.. Anyways I have some news to share from all the BUZZ in the Animal Jam Community. We don't share drama, but we do share nice new trends and more!

New CHEESE head TIGERS! O.o A new trend made by an Animal Jam YouTube star called Aparri is going viral! Jammers from all across the lands have been turning into quite impressive black tigers with.. CHEESE HATS! Yes if you love cheese and tigers, put them together with the new cheese head tiger trend! Can't find any cheese head tigers near you? Head on to Aparri's den. A place packed with some of your cheese tiger buddies! See you in Jamaa! 
Relaxing Begins! Need some St. Patrick's spirit? What about those stressful moments?  A solution is coming right your way, because the new Lucky Sofa will take your sad moments away! You can share this lovely sofa with one or two of your buddies! Enjoy the item while its here! **This item is out for a limited time only!**

Animal Jam Puns!

Bored? Want a laugh? Then Animal Jam puns are the perfect boredom busters. So lets get right into it!
Pun 1:  I shear need to get my sheep dressed for this coated party!
Pun 2: I wolf like to eat some cake.
Pun 3: I am eagle to fly away!
That is all the puns I have for now! More coming soon!

The Story of My Old Panda, Miss Loudpanda

This is Miss Loudpanda, my old panda I used to have as a non member. It was a delight that I had. I   had an empty animal slot, so I chose a furry, cute panda. As I changed into the animal I thought how boring it looked without clothes. I bought a butterfly clip (when it was in stores) and a necklace in blue. It was a beautiful sight. I went to the nearest photo booth and posed a picture. Then my eye caught on bunnies. I sadly recycled Miss Loudpanda and got a small bunny.

A Great Jammer Decorated Den - spottycarrot4

Scary in the World of Jamaa

Hey peeps! Freedom here! I remember when jammers used to sleep by the large crash of Zios. When 2-3 jammers sleep, purple dust comes out. When 4 or more jammers sleep, phantoms attack the Zios crash. Well thanks for reading this short post, Bye bye!